Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric care management, is a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for older adults facing ongoing health challenges, by providing specialized care to work through concerns; to reduce hospitalization rate.

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How does geriatric care management support seniors?

Geriatric Care Management (as known as a Geriatrician, Elder Care Management and Senior Health Care Management) provides the expertise and quality of care aging adults need to retain their independence, stay on track with their healthcare needs and treatments, reduce the hospitalization rates, and gain advocacy and a strong support system for the whole family.

Geriatricians offer holistic support for senior adults and family caregivers who are navigating the challenges of aging, providing services to alleviate their stress, worry, and fear that can accompany aging—and most importantly—give them a greater sense of stability, clarity, and peace of mind to the whole family.

Wondering if geriatric care is the best option? AdoreMOM® Senior Living Experts can help you consider your loved ones needs, your expectations for care, to ensure your loved one gets the right care. Contact us today to get started.

How Geriatricians help seniors and their families:


Geriatricians help seniors and their families identify care needs and ways to meet them by navigating the complexities of elder care, and coordinating with the patients other physicians and healthcare providers to ensure the highest quality of care.


Geriatricians understanding of senior care issues, industry knowledge, advanced training and local resource connections, makes them excellent advocates and solution providers for seniors and their family members when running into a difficult or complex situation.


Geriatricians often come to you at the senior living community, and often work as part of a treatment team with other primary care providers, focusing on helping elderly patients who have multiple health problems and complex conditions. 

Geriatricians use their special passion for senior health, to work through concerns and manage complications that come with aging adults, such as physiological changes or mental impairments that most primary doctors can not match.

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What are indicators it’s time to seek out geriatric care?

AdoreMOM® Senior Living Experts can help you consider your loved ones needs, your expectations for care, and ensure all benefits and resources are maximized – to find the right care for your loved one.

Signs that it’s time to seek out a geriatric Care for your loved one include:

Your loved is frustrated with their primary doctor in general, and/or was sent to a specialist and received zero answers – and it doesn’t feel like they’re getting anywhere.

Your loved one needs a doctor to address physical as well as psychosocial changes occurring and could benefit from a holistic approach.

You suspect that your loved one is not telling you about things that affect their health or well-being, and/or they are refusing to talk with you about their health.

Your loved one is showing signs of complex or elevated behaviors, such as constant verbal abuse or physical combativeness, and you’re not sure what the true cause is, or what to do about it.

Your loved one lives alone, or family lives far away, and there is a concern for their safety, with limited support or lack of qualified caregivers for all their needs.

Looking for the right resources and support, to navigate the complexities of finding the proper care? AdoreMOM® Senior Living Experts are here to help families navigate the difficult challenges and responsibilities associated with caring for an aging loved one.

Why other physicians can’t match Geriatrician skills?

Geriatricians are specialized in geriatric care, and understand that seniors needs are different than average age adults, and present unique challenges that require specific attentive care, that several physicians are not trained for. By taking the time needed to work through the health concerns aging seniors have, Geriatricians can provide patients with the optimal care they need other physicians usually can’t match.

Essentials skills include:


They are trained in aging-related physiological changes and clinical syndromes.


They have training in team-based care and systems of care for older adults.


They have a clinical focus on functional status and a holistic approach to managing health. This means they share decision making with the patient.


They understand seniors lose some of the mechanisms that help systems adapt to changes and stress, that can make medications react differently and make them agitate more easily.