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Adult Day Care Programs

Adult Day Care Programs typically help during the day while the caregiver run errors or is at work, providing an opportunity for seniors to spend time outside the home with other seniors while engaging in social activities.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living empowers the senior to live as independently as possible, with a little extra support with daily living tasks. Whether it’s help with getting dressed, managing medications, or anything else to make every day fulfilling.

Caregiver Support Services

Caregiver Support Services or In-home Caregivers is very similar to adult day care, but the support services come to your home (or senior home) to assist with medication, meals, toileting, grooming, housekeeping and mobility assistance.

Companion Care

Companion care refers to less intensive, non-medical support. This care provides social and emotional support to seniors living alone, or who are recovering for an operation or losing mobility, and can benefit from basic household tasks.

Certified Dementia PRAC

A Certified Dementia Practitioner® CDP® has a better understanding of the signs and stages of dementia, behavioral changes, physical and emotional needs of the patient and what treatments are presently in use and new treatments.

Comprehensive Evaluations

AdoreMOM® provides FREE Evaluations by our Nurse and Certified Dementia Practitioner. These evaluations thoroughly evaluates your loved one’s physical, psychological, cognitive, social, environmental and support networks.

Dementia Resources

There are many resources out there including the Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline at: (800) 272-3900 is available around the clock, 365 days a year and visit our local chapter at

Driver License & Safety

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles wants older drivers to maintain their driving independence as long as they continue to drive safely and confidently. Testing includes a cognitive, visual, and physical evaluations to continue to drive.

Door to Door Senior Tours

AdoreMOM® provides FREE Door to Door Senior Tours and is the only placement company to provide FREE wheelchair-accessible transportation, so everyone can be there. Contact us today for a FREE EVALUATION and customized tour.

Elder Law

An elder law attorney can help you with living trusts and legal directives so that someone you trust can take over your affairs if you become unable to do so and helps protect you and your family from life’s unexpected events.

Emergency Response Syst.

Emergencies can’t be avoided, but their repercussions can be prevented. Medical alert systems come in a variety of options and can detect falls and/or GPS location for around-the-clock monitoring and added comfort to family members.

Estate Clean-Out

Estate Clean-Out professionals can help seniors and their families through the process, from marking and designating items, to determining what should be given to a family member, donated, or thrown away or held for a benefactor.

Estate Planning

With an estate plan, an older adult will have the peace of mind that their assets and belongings will be distributed in the way they wanted – limiting obstacles the state and local laws may create for your loved ones in the future.

Financial Assistance

There are many programs that provide financial assistance or free money to seniors, but they all have different rules for eligibility. A key resource is the Omaha Resource Center – Easter Office on Aging (ENOA) at (402) 444-6536.

Financial Planning Services

Financial security and preparedness come in many forms. There are guides that cover essential financial topics for older adults, including ways to ensure you’re cashing in on tax credits, deductions, and senior discounts.

Geriatric Care Management

Geriatricians are trained in aging-related physiological changes and clinical syndromes for older adults, use a holistic approach, and can reduce hospitalization rates for seniors by taking the needed time to work through the concerns.

Home Maintenance Service

These service providers are vetted, for repairs/renovations for adults 55+ so they can stay safe. They walk through your home with you in order to understand your needs and give you a full picture of what needs to be done to ensure safety.


Hospice care focuses on the care, comfort, and quality of life of a person with a serious illness who is approaching the end of life. At some point, it may not be possible to cure a serious illness, and hospice is designed for this situation.

Independent Living

Adults living in independent communities enjoy the companionship with other seniors and the maintenance-free lifestyle allowing older adults to re-discover passions and hobbies that nourishes an independent spirit and a healthier living.

Mental Health Services

In more case than not seniors are not talking about the mental changes they are experiencing. Mental Health Services vary based on the needs of the senior, but many focus on our aging population, as the approach is different as we age.

Memory Care

Memory care communities are designed to encourage connection, engagement and total well-being for individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive challenges providing a calm, comfortable environment in a secure setting.

Move Management Services

A senior move manager specializes in assisting seniors and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation, organizing and decluttering to ease the stress on seniors and their families, by handling all details of move.

Palliative Care

Palliative care enhances a person’s current care by focusing on quality of life for them and their family. This type of care is a resource for anyone living with a serious illness, such as heart failure, dementia, cancer and many others.

Private Pay Rehab

Rehabilitation facilities provide personalized attention for your recovery care needs after a major surgery and or illness recovery that requires 24-hour monitoring and assistance with activities of daily living and therapy services.

Real Estate Services

AdoreMOM® Real Estate specialists ensure every need is met when selling, or buying residential or investment properties, and can match you with right professionals for repairs, and staging to get the most return on your home.

Respite Care

Respite care is a excellent choice for seniors who are aging in place, recovering from an injury or surgical procedure, or desiring companionship and can benefit from assistance with meals, medications, light housekeeping while family is away.

Senior Care Coordinator

Senior Care Coordinators are healthcare professionals (typically a nurse) who assist and support seniors and their families throughout the transition process by assessing their goals to reach an optimum level of functioning and wellness.

Senior Placement Services

Making the right care decision for your loved one can be overwhelming. AdoreMOM® Senior Experts streamlines the process, making it easier to make informed choices, with placements according to needs, in as little as one day.

Seniors Real Estate Specialists® (SRES®)

When selling a senior home there is many things to consider, and mistakes can be costly. Consulting a Seniors Real Estate Specialists® (SRES®) is imperative. Senior homeowners have different needs and financial means, and different options available to them than traditional homeowners. So working with an agent who has specific training in meeting the needs of retirement, downsizing, and more, definitely has its perks. Such as the ins and out of how Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security affects seniors who are looking to buy or sell a home.