18 Gift Ideas for Seniors at Every Care Level

December 19, 2022

This article will cover several gift ideas for seniors in the following categories. Feel free to click a category to scroll to it.

  1. Technology
  2. Activity Books, Puzzles and Card Games
  3. Sensory Gifts

Sometimes coming up with a gift for an aging loved one can be difficult. It’s pretty common to have the perfect gift in mind, only to realize as you’re about to make that purchase that this is something the might not have the ability to use anymore.

As the calendar ticks down to Christmas Eve, we start to panic as we have zero clue what to get them. We don’t want to just grab something off the shelf. We want to give them something meaningful.

With the holidays coming at us at breakneck speed, here is a list of some gift ideas geared for seniors of all levels of care. This list has gifts for seniors at all levels of care needs – from those who are just starting their journey towards additional care to those with more severe cognitive and mobility challenges.

If nothing else, this might give you some ideas of your own. And, to keep it simple, we just stuck with Amazon.

So, here goes!


It’s (almost) always fun to give tech gifts, especially when the offer a fun and coolness factor while offering a functionality that makes life easier. Here are some good tech ideas.

Amazon Echo

Let’s start with Echo. From being able to set reminders, play music, read audiobooks and call loved ones using voice prompts, this can make life easier. It’s a way to keep seniors connected and can potentially give caregivers much needed breaks.

Alexa has so many options. Here’s a couple:

Fire Tablet

With its large screen, the Amazon Fire Tablet 10 makes viewing apps, games and text easier. They offer a simplified OS which makes it much easier for aging loved ones to use. With a 10” screen, they’ll find it easy to use.

The main drawback is Amazon Fire uses its own app store, so the availability of apps tends to be a bit more limited than the Google Play Store and iTunes Store offerings.

Digital Photo Frames

These are simply fantastic, and there have been really cool improvements over the years. Displays are much more vibrant than when they first came out and many have adopted a WiFi or Bluetooth option to upload images to them. That means, snap a family photo, upload a family photo and see it on the frame in record time.

No more messing around with a USB thumb drive or memory card. You’ll be able to upload photos for them and have fun showing them how to do it as well.

We currently have a contest for this very one. Check out the ratings. Looks like a winner to us!

Check out the contest here.

Music Player

Here’s a cool little music player designed to make music tech easier on the seniors in your life. It’s even to work well for those facing dementia or other cognitive decline. It has an AM/FM radio and a USB input for easy MP3 music upload. You can create playlists and make it easy for them to just push play.

Big Button Remote

This big button remote, in addition to prominent big buttons, is designed to make using the TV much easier. You can use it to set favorite channels, it has a learning feature and supports various IR devices. The software prevents accidentally overwriting the set programs – because that’s an annoyance no one needs in their lives. It’s good for several TV/Cable/Satellite set top boxes. Two remotes in one, to make life easier.

Large Screen Digital Alarm Clock

This one pretty much speaks for itself. There are two options we’ve put on this list, both of which have pretty favorable ratings. Both have a pretty easy setup feature and are also designed to help those with dementia and memory loss.

Activity Books, Puzzles and Card Games

While a lot of these are just for fun, they also offer some great cognitive stimulation to help keep everyone’s brain sharp. From coloring books (they’re not just for kids anymore) to memory card games, these are some fun gift ideas.

Simple Large Coloring Books

These aren’t your kindergarten coloring books. You can honestly go pretty elaborate with the artwork options available. We’ve selected three, but you can really go down a fun rabbit-hole of intricate coloring book options.

Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Large piece jigsaw puzzles are designed to provide the right balance of challenge, interest and engagement for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s also good for those whose eyesight and motor skills may have become a bit more challenged.

Shape Sorting Puzzles

These are a bit more geared to those suffering dementia, Alzheimer’s or other cognitive decline. They provide a relaxing, calming activity that can aid in focus and mental stimulation.

Memory Card Game

Bet you thought we were going to present the classic “Memory” game where you flip the cards over and match pictures. Nothing wrong with those at all, but we thought we’d give you a different idea.

This “Keeping Busy Expressions Brain Game for Older Adults” encourages engagement and family involvement using simple phrases to complete.

It’s great for seniors and dementia patients. No ifs, ands or ____. See what we did there?.

Reusable Wood Search Puzzles

Word search puzzles are great for keeping the mind sharp and stimulating the brain. These reusable, dry-erase, word search puzzle boards are a great a great collection.

Large Print Playing Cards

For those who still love playing card games, but might need a little visible boost, these playing cards are large print and are great to help ease eye strain. Squinting to read the card details can derail an otherwise epic poker face. This will help them keep you guessing what hand they’re holding.

Water Painting Activities

Much like coloring books, these activities help keep the mind sharp while stimulating creativity. All of these are great for keeping the mind active.

Here’s what’s cool. They’re reusable. When you’re done, the images will fade to be used again. They’re said to last over a year with daily use.

Sensory Gifts

While this section is more geared towards those battling dementia, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive challenges, these gifts are designed to help reduce anxiety and relaxation. Some of the tactile features will provide cognitive stimulation as well.

Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are great for anyone since we’re being candid. They promote relaxation, comfort and security. Anyone that just needs a good, deep sleep should really consider one of these..

Sensory Blankets

These are lap-sized blankets adorned with cute things like buttons, zippers, snaps, ribbons and all kinds of textures. People with dementia often fidget and have restless hands. These blankets give those hands something to fidget with and provide great tactile stimulation to help them feel settled.

Tactile Sensory Toys

These are great for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. They provide great sensory therapy to help aging loved ones improve strength and dexterity in addition to the assistance of regaining fine motor skills.

Sensory Pillow

Like a tactile sensory toy, these pillows are designed to rest on the lap and provide simple yet fun activities to stimulate relaxation, practice motor skills and help stimulate the memory.

Fidget Activity Mat

Same concept as the sensory pillow and tactile sensory toys. This can be used on the lap or spread onto a table. These often include functional pockets to store small keepsakes, letters to your loved ones and photos. In addition to the tactile activities, there’s a neat element to spark a trip down memory lane.

Adoring your loved ones

We hope this list helped give you some great ideas for your aging loved ones, especially if they’ve become hard to shop for. If not, perhaps it led you to another idea you might not have thought of.

In any event, we hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Of course, if you need any help understanding what an aging loved one’s future might look like, our ongoing free gift to you is a compassionate nurse assessment to help you understand what options you, and your loved ones have when the time to transition to alternate living arrangement comes.