Private Pay Rehab

Private-pay rehab provides the extended care your loved one needs when recovering from a hospital stay, injury or illness – when paid rehab days provided by their insurance have ended.

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What is private pay rehab and why is it needed?

Like most family caregivers, you hope that your loved one can go home after being a patient in short-term rehab (rehabilitation). Sometimes a longer rehab is necessary when a patient doesn’t respond to treatment right away and going home may not be possible. Since most insurance policies pay for rehab based on how well patients meet certain goals, coverage may stop if progress is not made. If this happens, and your family member is out of rehab days, and is still not able to manage at home, private pay rehabilitation might be the answer.

Private-Pay rehabilitation is exactly what it sounds like. The additional rehab care (not covered by insurance) your loved one needs to return home – once it is safe and therapy goals have been met – is paid for privately.

There are many communities (such as assisted livings facilities) that have the setting needed to care for you and your current situation while recovering. These communities have the 24-hour care and continued therapy to ensure all your needs are cared for when you can’t go home as quickly as you would like. Sometimes patients make slow or little progress towards their rehab goals, maxing out their paid/covered rehab days with their insurance, and are still unable to return home for many reasons.

There are many reasons why private pay rehab is needed:


The recovery time your loved one needs, is longer than what is being covered for by insurance.


Your loved one lives alone and/or you and other family members/caregivers have limits on the level/amount of care that can be provided for your loved one during their recovery, such as your own physical problems.


Sometimes rehab staff notice signs of dementia that you may not have seen at home. Rehab staff may then tell you that your family member cannot safely go home.


Your loved one may be too weak or too sick to do all needed exercises and therapies being required.


Your loved ones house or apartment has environmental barriers and is not set up for people who have problems getting around or managing on their own, such as too many stairs, or bathrooms unmanageable.


Your loved ones insurance may not pay for all needed home care services. For instance, Medicare does not pay for long-term home care.

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My loved one is out of rehab days, now what?

After being told that the insurance coverage is ending for your loved ones current rehabilitation stay, and going home is not yet possible – many caregivers find themselves scrambling for solutions.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re not sure if your loved ones has other benefits or resources that can be utilized to help pay for your loved ones care?

You’re not sure if private pay rehab is the best option for your loved one, and you need more information to make a qualified decision, fully understanding all the different options (types and location of care) they qualify for.

You want to ensure your loved one gets into a high-performing facility, with the best ratings and reputation for quality of care.

The reality is that patients and their families are often left without good guidance at a really vulnerable point in their care trajectory.

AdoreMOM® senior experts helps you gain a clear picture of ALL your best options, making it easier to make decisions for your loved ones continue care, regardless of their income and limitations. Contact AdoreMOM® today to get the guidance, support and right connections you need for you and your loved one. Our nurse will come to you (home, hospital or rehab). Let’s AdoreMOM® together.

What services are usually provided, in private pay rehab facilities?

Care and services are matched to your loved one’s unique medical and individual needs, and typically include:


24/7 on-site assistance/supervision. Some also offer medical services (depending on the facility).


Rehabilitation services, such as stroke or brain injury rehabilitation and therapy services, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.


Help with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, eating, etc.

Shared or private room accommodations.

Meal service, housekeeping, linen and laundry service, etc.


Transportation services, such as to and from medical appointments or for outings and senior-friendly exercise facilities and programming (social opportunities and daily activities).