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7 Advantages of AdoreMOM for Senior Placement

January 5, 2023

1) More than Placement

Senior placement services are just the beginning with AdoreMOM. The team at AdoreMOM has put together a boutique of senior living professionals and real estate agents who work together to make sure your loved ones get the best options for their care that meets their budgetary needs.

By assembling this group of professionals, AdoreMOM is able to offer the families that they work with a custom catered assessment process that, in addition to addressing the care needs, makes sure the families and their loved ones feel absolutely adored in the process.

AdoreMOM is more than just a senior placement company. They are a group of people who truly care for the families they work with and take the time to find the right resources and options for care that go above and beyond.

a senior couple is presented care options relating to senior placement with vendor toolbox

2) Vendor Toolbox

One of the things that sets AdoreMOM apart from standard assessment and placement options is the vendor toolbox. AdoreMOM has assembled, and continues to assemble, top care services for better senior living solutions.

From adult day care programs to companion care, door-to-door senior tour services to emergency response systems, mental health services to transition coordinators, AdoreMOM’s ever-growing vendor toolbox ensures that your loved one’s every need will be met.

AdoreMOM only recommends companies and services with the reputation of taking care of your loved ones with the standards of care the AdoreMOM team demands for the families they work with. This comprehensive assembly of vendors, combined with the caring assessment and placement solutions makes AdoreMOM an unparalleled choice when looking for better care for your loved one.

woman helps elderly man understand proactive senior placement options

3) Proactive Approach to Senior Care

It’s never too early to get started in investigating the right care solutions for you or a loved one. Getting an early start helps you to be prepared for future care needs and having a plan in place when it becomes apparent you or your loved ones might need more help.

The complementary nurse assessments aren’t just for when the need arises. In fact, it is helpful to both you and the AdoreMOM team to get an advanced look at how you would like those care needs to be met. We want everyone to be prepared for a future that might require assistance in the home or a move to a senior community.

Getting an idea on the budgetary possibilities can help us match you with the right care options. We adore helping people plan ahead for their future and encourage you to take full advantage of it.

elderly couple with nurse assessing for senior placement

4) Assessments by a Nurse

Complementary assessments are done by a qualified nurse who takes a compassionate approach to each family they work with. They know that every situation is unique and, even though there are commonalities with care, work with families and loved ones to come up with the right care options that are custom catered to your needs.

Having a licensed nurse assessing a loved one’s situation offers a unique perspective on how to best address care needs. The big advantage is a lot of your questions will be answered in the assessment phase.

Our nurse assessment specialists are uniquely qualified to give real-world experience to the recommendations on in-home or other care services as well as a helpful perspective on senior communities and which ones will fit your unique needs.

three elderly men drinking mom at an adore social event

5) AdoreSOCIAL

We have to have a little fun, right? That’s the philosophy at AdoreMOM. The idea behind AdoreSOCIAL is to have a fun, engaging, energetic place to celebrate those who are 55 and over. AdoreSOCIAL is a monthly event where your loved ones will get to meet new friends while enjoying light refreshments and fun.

The best part? You don’t even need to have had an assessment with AdoreMOM to take part. The AdoreMOM team wants everyone to feel welcome, get social and be a part of something truly special.

Even if you’re not yet thinking about additional care needs, the AdoreSOCIAL events are a great place for you to get to know new friends. It’s not just about helping people find care or a senior community. It’s about celebrating the next phase of life and taking the time to get to know one another.

Be sure to get on the AdoreSOCIAL VIP List to keep you informed of upcoming events!

the adore mom wheelchair accessible van at a senior community for placement

6) Wheelchair Accessible van

The AdoreMOM team wants to make it as convenient as possible for you and your loved ones to get a look at senior living communities, be it independent living, assisted living or memory care. That’s why AdoreMOM has a wheelchair accessible van.

The wheelchair accessible van is available to pick you and your loved ones up wherever you might be. Whether it is your home, a rehabilitation facility, a hospital or anywhere else in the local are, the AdoreMOM van is ready to help you find the right facilities.

It is important to the AdoreMOM team that you and your loved ones feel welcome and offering conveniences like this are just one of the many ways they provide that.

an older white colored home ready to be sold by a senior real estate specialist

7) SRES Real Estate Agents

Often, in the senior placement process, a loved one’s home needs to be sold. That’s why the AdoreMOM team has assembled a team of Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) who are uniquely qualified to fulfill the real estate needs of those over fifty.

SRES agents understand that this type of home sale is a little different. Often there are strong emotions attached to the sale of the home, especially if it’s been a part of the family for some time. They are also prepared to assist in making sure the home is in tip-top shape before it goes to market.

There are often more repairs that need to be done before a loved one’s home should be listed and SRES agents are prepared to help you navigate through this. SRES agents will know the right people to call for repairs.

It doesn’t end there. AdoreMOM’s team of SRES agents have a network of movers, attorneys, inspectors and other experts, and combined with AdoreMOM’s vendor toolbox, create a dream team of people dedicated to selling mom’s home the right way.

SRES agents create a custom plan to sell your loved one’s home and get it on the market so that it is represented with the love and care it deserves.

Not a Number

AdoreMOM knows you and your loved ones don’t just want to be ushered through a process. For AdoreMOM, it’s not about how fast they can place a loved one with care. It’s about taking the time to find your loved ones the right care to match their unique needs.

It is never too late, or too early, to involve AdoreMOM in the process of addressing your loved one’s current or future care needs. If you find you or a loved one are ready to have the discussion on what their mature adult care might look like, reach out to the team at AdoreMOM here.