the adore mom team at the adroremom launch party left to right sandi gardner, cassandra zeisler, lizzy lowndes and leslie randall

The AdoreMOM Launch Party

December 7, 2022

On Wednesday November 30, 2022, the team at AdoreMOM held an awesome party to announce the launch of their new concept company. What was intended to be a somewhat soft introduction, turned out to be a lively party with an incredible turnout.

Numerous guests came to meet the AdoreMOM team and get to know more about the concept!

What is this AdoreMOM concept exactly?

In a nutshell, AdoreMOM is a local, boutique service that provides assistance to seniors in need and their families. Their company provides an all-in-one resource for the senior lifestyle transition.

The goal of AdoreMOM is to take the stressful, and often frightening, endeavor of helping our aging loved ones, find the help and care they need, off the shoulders of the family. AdoreMOM’s team of specialists, are perfectly aligned to handle all aspects of navigating the path to better elder care, so family members can focus on just being family.

The compassion from the team, and the careful selection of the AdoreMOM vendors, was on full display as they engaged with the guests who came to see what this new concept is all about! Guests were greeted with the warm, friendly faces of the AdoreMOM team. Guests left with an understanding that they are not alone when it the time comes to help their aging loved ones find the correct senior living home.

Cassandra Zeisler talks about the AdreMOM concept to a man at the Launch Party

Putting the final puzzle piece in place, is the addition of AdoreMOM’s team of Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) agents. These agents are certified with training beyond that of general real estate. SRES agents are specifically trained to compassionately navigate the sale of an elderly parent’s home with the full understanding that these sales can require additional time, tender touch and prep, before being ready for market. They strive to make Mom (and /or Dad) feel better, knowing that the home will be listed with the attention and care it deserves while taking the added pressure of selling the home off the family.

guests mingle at corkscrew wine and cheese at the adoremom launch party

Adoring Corkscrew Wine and Cheese

For the launch party venue, AdoreMOM chose Corkscrew Wine and Cheese, located in Rockbrook Village.

First of all, this is a great place to just come in and have a glass of wine and maybe a light snack. Seriously, the light food menu, in addition to the wine selection, is worth the trip.

That being said, many people who came to celebrate AdoreMOM, were surprised at how many guests Corkscrew was able to accommodate in the events section, which is the back area of the restaurant. This worked well because, as lively as the many AdoreMOM conversations were, guests near the front did not seem to be inconvenienced by the party in the back. Win win.

At the front of the event section, Corkscrew made sure to elegantly lay out the perfectly selected private party catering menu. AdoreMOM made sure there was plenty to choose from.

And let’s talk about this food a little, because, as far as social events go, this was top notch.

a spread of finger food at corkscrew wine and cheese at the adoremom launch party

AdoreMOM selected some fantastic choices: the Charcuterie Tray, which had a fun presentation of tasty meats, folded (or twisted?) to look like roses; the Cheese Tray, with three different delicious cheeses; the fruit tray; the tasty Red Pepper Hummus with sliced cucumber and flatbread chips; the Caprese Kabobs that donned skewered grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil drizzled with balsamic; and these delicious house-made beef, pork, marinera meatballs. And the meatballs were scrumptious.

The two heroes of the night, outside of the AdoreMOM team and great conversations, might just have been Corkscrew’s Pulled Pork sliders (the tray was refilled several times) and the melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Truffles.

Seriously, if you’re hosting an event, you really need to consider this place.

adoremom branded wine totes by bluefish marketing at the launch party

The AdoreMOM merch

AdoreMOM made sure guests did not leave empty handed. The first fifty guests were given a beautifully branded wine tote (bottle of wine included). The wine tote, provided by Bluefish Promotional Marketing. Dana Morinelli, Director of Marketing at Bluefish, was able to coordinate with the AdoreMOM team and deliver these branded totes with a quick turnaround.

AdoreMOM’s own Sandi Gardner, who also happens to be AdoreMOM’s Executive Director of Senior Placement, hand crafted Adore-able gift bags, with custom bows, that perfectly matched AdoreMOM’s branding.

we love mom sign in front of adoremom gift bags and wine totes at the launch party

Shirts were also amongst the goodies given away, and were well designed and well made by Little Mountain Print Shop, based in Lincoln.

Talking about the merch might seem frivolous, but at events like these, handouts go a long way. The thought, care and quality that went into what AdoreMOM gave away is indicative of the thought and care that they put into working with the families who need them.

It should also be noted, being based in Omaha, that AdoreMOM has taken every effort to use local companies, where possible, to support their efforts in branding, marketing and all aspects of their business needs. The term “shop local” is something that the AdoreMOM team takes to heart.

a woman mingles with a group at the adoremom launch party


This won’t be the last event that AdoreMOM puts together. Not by a long shot.

In the coming months, AdoreMOM will be launching AdoreSOCIAL. These social events will be geared to our aging loved ones (and their families), as a place to gather, socialize and meet new friends.

The AdoreSOCIAL events will be held in various assisted living and independent living facilities in the area and are designed to celebrate those who are 55 and over. You’ll want to keep up with the AdoreMOM website and watch for these posted events.

A needed game-changer

While there certainly are other placement agencies, AdoreMOM seeks to upend the market by providing the full package of resources, to help families and their aging loved ones. To AdoreMOM, you’re not just a number, or a person to place somewhere – you’re a member of the family.

The AdoreMOM team understands that every situation is unique and requires a unique approach. That is exactly what this team is built upon – offering a compassionate toolbox of solutions to make sure our loved ones blossom towards a future of joy and promise.