group of senior men playing chess at an adult day care

What is adult day care?

June 10, 2023

Adult day care provides aging loved ones and adults with disabilities a safe and supportive environment during the day. It’s a care service designed to provide socialization, activities, and health services to those who need a little extra care, or are unable to safely stay home alone.

senior men and women talking at a table having coffee at an adult day care

Who can benefit from adult day care?

This is a great option for seniors and older adults in need of extra care of support. For older adults, they benefit from the social engagement and interaction adult day care provides while being cared for in a safe environment.

Family members and caregivers also benefit from adult day care as well. With these services, family members can have piece of mind knowing that their loved ones are receiving excellent care while they take a break from the responsibilities and recharge their batteries.

Family members caring for an aging loved one, while also holding down full-time jobs can have a safe place to take them to throughout the day and pick them up when the workday is done. Adult day care helps families take care of their loved ones while still maintaining their professional careers and existing needs of the family.

a female nurse checks a senior woman's blood pressure at an adult day care

Paying for adult day care

Much like day care for a child, adult day care can be expensive. According to an article on the Paying for Senior Care website, “the average daily cost for adult day care is $84 throughout the state of Nebraska.”

For many families, that might be a financial burden that could be difficult to meet.

Fortunately, there are various options available to help cover the costs of adult day care, including government programs like Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits, private insurance plans and long-term care policies. There are also some employers that offer benefits that help cover the costs of adult day care.

Exploring your financial options will help you find your aging loved one the right care.

group of senior men and women playing board game at adult day care

Finding the right adult day care facility

There are so many options for adult day care available and choosing the right one can be a challenging decision. You want to find them the perfect place that keeps them safe, happy and secure while providing the care and activities they need.

There are several factors to consider. The quality of care, services offered, safety measures and activities are all important to finding them the right place. There is a good chance that this will take a lot of time and research.

Fortunately, there are services who already have an understating of these options and can readily help you narrow down the choices fast. At Adore Mom, we can help you find your aging loved one the right care and help you explore financial options to cover the costs.