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What to expect with an elder law attorney

May 13, 2023

Elder law is a specialized legal practice that focuses on issues that affect seniors, such as estate planning, long-term care planning, and guardianship. An elder law attorney can help you and your family with all of your legal needs related to aging, retirement and health care needs. They can be a source of great advice on estate planning and help you with a strategy that ensures your wishes are carried out after you pass away.

These attorneys can also provide assistance in navigating the complex rules surrounding Medicaid eligibility for long-term care services and advise on guardianship matters. They can also guide you through the process of protecting your assets and ensuring your family’s legal needs are met.

senior couple shakes hands with an elder law attorney

How an Elder Law Attorney Can Help with Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Estate planning and asset protection are essential matters that should be handled with the assistance of a qualified lawyer. An elder law attorney has the experience and knowledge to provide advice on these issues, helping you make informed decisions about your estate.

With an experienced attorney by your side, you can ensure that your assets are protected and that your wishes will be carried out in accordance with the law. A good estate planning lawyer can help you create a will or trust, navigate probate proceedings, and provide guidance on other important legal matters related to estate planning and asset protection.

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What Other Services Does an Elder Law Attorney Provide?

Elder law attorneys provide a wide range of services to help elderly individuals and their families. These services include providing legal advice on long-term care planning, Medicaid planning, estate planning, guardianship, and more. Elder law attorneys are highly knowledgeable in these areas and can provide invaluable guidance to their clients. They can help them make informed decisions about how to best protect their assets and plan for the future.

Attorneys in this field are also experienced in dealing with issues related to elder abuse and exploitation. They can provide assistance in filing complaints against abusers or seeking legal remedies for victims of elder abuse. With the help of an experienced elder law attorney, elderly individuals can rest assured that their rights are being protected. If you suspect any kind of elder abuse or exploitation, along with contacting authorities, reach out to anattorney right away.

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How to Choose the Right Elder Law Attorney for Your Family’s Needs

Choosing the right elder law attorney for your family’s needs can be challenging, especially if you don’t know of any who are in your immediate circle. With so many attorneys out there, it can be difficult to know which one is best suited for your particular situation.

It is important to find an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who understands the nuances of elder law and estate planning, but is also sensitive to the needs of your aging loved one and your family.

Our team at Adore Mom can help, as our vendor toolbox has a vast array of resources. Additionally, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has a resource you can start with here.